Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Floor and cabinet work...

Hello vintage trailer fans. It's me, Faith! Sorry it seems like I deserted all of you, but 99 and I have been very busy. We have been hanging out pretty much non-stop for the last 5 weeks. I am about 90 percent done! Can you believe it? I knew you could...it just takes a little faith, that's all.

Oh Dahlings, I just don't even know where to begin showing you all that has been done to me so let me start where we left off and try to put the pieces together for you....just like 99 did for me. I guess we can start with the floor. The Plywood flooring was still in good shape and could be saved. The braces on the other hand were a different story. They were all removed and replaced. Once that was done it really sturdied me up and straightened me right out too.

Floor under bed did not have linoleum so it was painted rather than just leaving it with the old bare wood.

The wheel wells and water tank were painted with Rustoleum paint. Those zillions of staples were pulled from the wheel wells too.

 The same was done to the front of me.

My original linoleum floor was petty dirty but downright 60's. 99 decided to see how clean she could get it and perhaps it could still be saved. Here is what it did look like.
 After a good scrubbing...

The trim is all polished too! Love the way I shine in the sun!

In the above photo you can see that glue and braces were applied to hold the box floor. The floor underneath was repaired using angle iron along the edges. Nice and strong now!

Here are a few more before and afters...

At my threshold there was a hole in the floor covered by a piece of plywood and then carpeting. It used to look like this...

Here is the hole with the plywood removed...

From underneath a pattern was drawn on new plywood and it was cut and fitted in this hole. Braces were put in place on top of the iron frame underneath. At this point I was thinking someone could carry their new bride over my threshold when we go on our honeymoon vacation. What? I see you smirking. It could happen. I'm just an old romantic, but I have faith!

Subfloor was put over the fitted plywood and then VCT was put down and the trim work done. Tile was then washed and waxed. You could eat off of this floor if you were so inclined...

That just about does it for my floor! How about if I fill you in on my cabinets next? I am so proud of them now. Remember the old ones....

The curbside cabinet, boxes over the wheel wells, rear bed wall and cabinet door were all rebuilt. The kitchen cabinet received a new face and a new oak countertop that was coated with polyurethane. Original knobs and hinges were put back on and since the icebox was pretty much toast, a cabinet door was built. My new owners can take the door off and fit in an original ice box if they want to. The size of the opening wasn't changed for this reason. 

The face is birch.
Next came the painting. 99 says she has a hard time visualizing so she sent some pictures of what she said I should look like over to her friend. He is a great musician, but also a fantastic graphic artist. He altered the photos to show varying color combinations and after much consideration 99 chose blue on white for me. Dahlings I'm starting to feel beautiful and young again. Yippee! Sad thing is 99 feels about that old, 99. You should hear her whine all day about how her hands hurt, her knees hurt, her eyeballs hurt. Bet her eyeballs are feeling better now that that overdose of pink is gone, huh?

Drum roll please.....here is the new me!

 My original stove was stripped and cleaned. Inside and grates were sprayed with high heat black. Knobs were stripped and cleaned.

99 has a friend she calls the tin knocker. He rides a really loud motorcycle and I can hear him coming from a mile away. I like it when he comes to help with all the things that take two hands. He is fun and brings 99 cheesecake and stuff. That puts her in a much better mood. Anyway, 99 had a great idea for a backsplash and she got out all the supplies and explained it to the tin knocker. They set to work and had me a new one built in no time!

Dahlings...isn't it gorgeous?!
Here is my kitchen area in all it's glory!

I will have to show you the rest later. I should probably tell you about rebuilding the walls next. That was about the coolest thing ever. So check back on my next blog entry, Dahlings. Some big and exciting things coming up!! A real transformation if I do say so myself. Until next time, keep this in mind....

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Never be afraid to take the first step, my friends. It could lead to the most wonderful of things. Just keep the faith and never let go of the dream. I didn't, and look at me! I'm turning back into a real beauty if I do say so myself. ;)

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